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Termite Inspection, Treatment and Control Services in Oakland

A large number of properties in US get damaged due to termites. We cannot even estimate the amount of destruction these termites cause to any property. Most of time people are unaware about the destruction getting caused as with normal eyes it is very difficult to find out the termites. We might not be able to find the strains of termites in our property but the professionals would never get deceived. If you are looking for Termite Company, then contact Hitech Termite as we have the best professionals who would inspect any property and could identify even the slightest of the strains of termites. This helps the owners to get their properties prevented much before the destruction is massive.

At Hitech Termite, we not only eliminate the termites that are found but ensure that there will be no infestation of termites in future. Once the Hi Tech control services are called, we will be able to evaluate the amount of damage already done and would suggest the clients about the next course of action. For any property to be made completely protected from the termites, it is important that the termite control is done by the expert technicians. At Hi Tech Termite control, we offer the termite control services 24x7.

Latest methods of termite control

We normally do not consider the deadly destroyer of our homes, the termites to be threatening unless the water is flowing above our head. Late realizing means more property destruction and it will go beyond repair. At Hi Tech, the professionals reach to the place fast once the phone call is made. The place is surveyed, damage is estimated and the most effective method of is used for the control and elimination of this deadly destroyer of our house.

Investing for a home means we are making a lifetime investment. It is better to be sure that the house that one is going to buy is free of termites and that is possible by the inspection done by Hitech Termite.

The microwave technique used by Hi Tech Termite control is very easy and effective to operate. Both fumigation and non-fumigation techniques are used by the professionals as per the requirement. The professionals are all bonded and licensed and the chemical used for termite control and eradication is also the registered by the state. At Hi Tech Termite control, the control is available for all types of termites- dry wood and damp wood and also the wood boring beetles.

Why us

There are reasons to select Hi Tech Termite Control Company

  • Emergency services
  • Faster response time
  • Latest equipments and technologies
  • The most dedicated and professional people
  • Three year full warranty
  • Less harmful chemicals
  • Customized package
  • Free cost estimation

When it comes to termite control in Oakland, nothing does the job faster than Hitech Termite. We will handle your termite problem with no exceptions. We are the most reliable termite control company in the CA.

We know exactly what to anticipate when ascertaining the extent of any termite infestation. We uses a diversity of techniques to entirely eliminate your termite problem.

We are confident about our work that is not only covers the termite infestation of the present time but it includes any future infestation also. The annual maintenance contract that the home owner has with Hi Tech can get transferred into other person’s name in case the house is sold. For any type of termite elimination in Oakland area, you just need to give a call to have the termite specialists at your place for free investigation.