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Fumigation Termite Control

Termites generally strike without warning. You may think that your home is clean and beautiful, but deep within the woodwork of your doors or windows or your indoor potted plants, termites are systematically destroying your home without your knowledge. They may be the subterranean kind or dry-wood kind, but both are equally dangerous. To eradicate them completely from your home, you must get professional help.

At HiTech Termite, we have skilled technicians who will make your home completely termite-free. Our fumigation process uses gas that is lethal to termites and ensures that future infestations do not take place. However, we realize this may present a health hazard to you. So, during the fumigation termite control process, we request that you (family, pets, and plants) stay away from your house for 24 to 48 hours.

HiTech Termite is a licensed termite control company and has years of experience in this field. For any termite-related problems, call us.

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