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Termite Control Palo Alto

Client Review - Steph W Pleasanton, CA

For a homeowner, the home is a source of pride and is very important, but to termites, it is simply a delicious food item that these tiny, seemingly harmless creatures will not hesitate to consume from the inside out. It is up to you to protect your pride and your investment. Get in contact with a trusted termite company like HiTech Termite Control of Palo Alto, CA. With over a decade of experience in the termite control industry, we are Palo Alto's leading termite company. We have helped homeowners like you get rid of termite infestation for several years.

Knowing how to identify the signs that termites have moved in is a very important skill. You can avoid an infestation in the first place by eliminating conditions that attract termites. Avoid leaving wood debris anywhere around your building, keep wooden items away from your home, eliminate excess moisture by keeping sprinklers away from the building, fix plumbing leaks and your drainages, etc. Doing all these will reduce your risk of termite infestation.

Keep an eye out for signs that the creatures have already moved in. Look for mud tubes, also known as leaks, that the termites use for transport. Check crawl spaces, roof eaves, around the drainage, the basement, and around the foundation walls as these are the likely places where termites will be found. Obvious signs are the presence of rotting or damaged wood. Additionally, termites often shed wings in the spring, so look out for discarded wings. Termites are often confused with ants, but they are white. By identifying termites early, you can save yourself thousands of dollars in repairs.

If you find termites, don't panic; it's not the end of the world. The creatures are slow eaters, and it can take years for them to cause considerable damage to your property. The worst thing you can do is nothing. Pick up your phone and call HiTech Termite Control, the No. 1 Termite Company in Palo Alto. To put your mind at ease, we can inspect your premises, free of charge. If we discover termites, our trained staff can guarantee that your home will be termite-free in no time, with the use of the latest equipment and technology. We will also work with you to make sure that future infestation doesn't occur. Protect your home by contacting us today.