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Termite Inspection, Treatment and Control Services in Santa Clara

Save your valuable property from the termites with the help of Termite Company

Termite infestation is often called a silent killer. It has affected many homes in California. Often you will not find anything wrong until you look very carefully. Some tell tale signs are dark colored droppings mainly near wooden structures, like boards and windows. Brown mud tunnels are proof of more severe attacks which must be remedied at once.

One of the largest causes of the property destruction in US is termite. The invasion by the swarm of termite causes unimaginable damage to the various properties every year. With naked eyes, it is very difficult to see the termites but at times people find dark colored droppings near their wooden structures. Sometimes, the mud tunnels are seen which are brown in color. None of these observations should be taken lightly. For the people who are residing in and around the bay area CA, any of these findings means, the house is in high risk zone by the termite infestation and immediate help must be taken from the Hitech Termite.

Sometimes one might not even get the signs of the termites so clearly even then time to time inspection of the property is needed by the expert people to get them identified and make the property absolutely free of these silent killers. At Hitech Termite Company, our expert professionals will very easily identify the termite in side and around your property and will advice you how to prevent them. The cost estimation will be given to you free of cost. With their vast experience in this field they are people who would efficiently make your property free of termites.

At HiTech Termite, we use the latest technical equipments to resolve termite problems in various houses in and around bay areas. Fumigation is one method that the company uses in the termite-infested area to eliminate the termites. The gases used to eliminate the termites ensure that there is no termite attack in future and while the work is going on, the family members, pets and plants are to be kept away for one or two days. The company uses non-fumigation termite control system which uses the chemicals that are less toxic so would not cause health hazards.

To eliminate these deadly creatures from your house and around the house, professional services must be hired. We use the microwave technology that is clean and efficient. The chemicals used are state-registered such as Termidor that is used along with microwaving to eliminate the damp wood and dry wood termites and also the wood boring beetles. The places like attics and others which do not get used much; Timbor is sprayed to eradicate these deadly creatures.

If your your home is in Santa Clara and you see these signs, don't wait until it is too late. Many times you don’t see these signs, but still want to make sure that the largest investment of your life is termite free. A team of experts from Hitech Termite Company will make an on the spot evaluation of termite infestations and give you a report.

At HiTech Termite, we offer warranty for three years with the primary as well as the secondary termite services and coverage of the service is wide- all types of termites and wood boring beetles. The microwave technique used in the termite company, is the most effective one yielding the best result in eliminating termites from any property. When the house is sold, the warranty gets transferred into the name of the next occupant without any hassle.

Save your property which is your life time investment, by making a call to the most experienced and reliable termite Control Company. Get the prompt and most efficient termite control services at the most competitive rate.

Call us or contact us today and allow us to provide you with green and organic solutions to your home, office and apartment building, giving you Peace of mind for you, your family and pets.