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Termite Inspection, Treatment and Control Services in Pleasanton

Termites: Professionals Have The Way-out

Termites cause a lot of damage and the problem essentially lies with the lack of knowledge. If a person would just, as laws require one to, get a property duly inspected before they purchase from professionals, half their headache shall be gone forever. It is with the help of a thorough inspection, right from the foundations and the roof to all the rooms, including the beams and a very close inspection of the woodwork that the issue of termites may be solved or rather stopped from cropping up any time soon in the future.

Termite infestation is a killer disease for your home. It can cause unknown damage, and when you do realize the problem, it might be too late to save your valuable property. It’s always advisable to get your home checked and evaluated for termite attacks at periodic intervals.

Did you know around a billion U.S. dollars worth of damage are caused by the termites than fires, storms and floods combined. Termites aren’t carpenter ants who would just chew wood to get it out of their way. Any termite company knows how these killing machines aren’t hell bent on destruction. Left unstained, termites can stimulate enormous damage to exposed woody structures, resulting in costly repair costs.

One in four homes is attacked by termites. All the chemicals and the poisons available freely in the market today are the result of research. What good they do without the help of a professional termite company is questionable. Hitech Termite is proudly serving. Our licensed technicians will readily audit your home or business, and deliver the cutting-edge treatments to eliminate the pests you have today and prevent future infestations. The most effective solution for termite control does not just barricade termites' progress. Our professional technician goes right to the origin of the problem, offers everlasting termite control and blocks the threat completely, demolishing the colony systematically.

It is not sufficient to merely repair damage and kill termites. For real protection, you need a everlasting termite bait system that will cater complete colony evacuation - 24 by 7. At Hitech Termite control, we are dedicated to catering eminent service that protects your home and business against damage induced by termites.

Your Local Termite Control Experts

Locally owned, Hitech Termite offers the latest in technology when protecting your family from termite. We're committed to rendering long term solutions, for all of your Pest or Termite problems.

We are a leading termite company offering extermination services. Our team of qualified and experienced pest controllers is equipped with latest in pest control technology to protect your home or businesses. We are concerned about your health and the environment; hence, we use products that are approved for use in accordance with the government standards.

HI TECH Termite will ensure that your home is termite free. Using advanced microwave technology along with non-repellant Termidor, both subterranean and dry wood termites are eliminated. This technology ensures that your home stays free of termites. Whether you've a trouble with termites or need prevention, our expert technicians are available to prescribe the most effective termite treatment available. Out process is backed by our well-known re-treatment.

What you can expect from us:

  • 24-Hour Response Time.
  • Immediate Help
  • Guaranteed Pest Control Solutions
  • Environment Friendly Solutions
  • Detailed, Customized Service
  • Effective Treatments
  • Free No Obligation Estimates
  • Fully Bonded and Insured
  • No Long Term Pest Control Contracts
  • All Services Guaranteed
  • Odorless, less invasive, targeted approach

Whether you've termites today or would like to prevent the same from stimulating future damage, we have a plan that’s best for you. For over a decade, we’ve been keeping homes and businesses pest and termite free, with the expert, professional and trained technicians.

Protect your home or business by choosing the best exterminator in Pleasanton, California.

HiTech Termite has a professional team with expertise in the field of termite elimination. For all your termite related needs, give us a call or Contact us to see why we're your termite specialists! Please contact us if you need termite control solutions.