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Pre -Treatment

Subterranean Termite Treatment

Most people think that termites generally attack woodwork, plants and trees above the ground. Few know that anti-termite treatment should start from the very foundation of a building. These are known as subterranean termites and live below the ground, at the level of the foundation. They can be a cause of permanent damage to your building. In fact, architects nowadays incorporate subterranean termite treatment in their building plans.

HI TECH Termite offers a comprehensive termite pretreatment facility that is done during the construction of the house. Our professionals will visit the site and test the soil to assess what type of treatment will be ideal for that particular area. There are a number of options open and we are specialists in it.

One is termiticide treatment is where the soil next to the foundation is processed and sealed so that the termites cannot enter the building at a later stage. Another method is to apply liquid termiticide around the foundation to pre-empt any termite attack. A similar and very effective method is to directly inject liquid termiticide within the foundation walls and even under and above concrete slabs to ward off termite attacks.

At HI TECH Termite we understand that your home is a once in a lifetime investment and hence should be resistant to all forms of attack; not only from thieves and burglars above the ground but even from termites that might weaken the foundation. Call us now for lifelong termite control benefits at (888) 322 8889

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