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Microwave Termite Treatments in Bay Area

Termites, be it any kind, are a nuisance, and everyone wants to get rid of them from our homes. But termite control treatments are not exactly cheap, and they can disrupt your daily lifestyle. Microwave termite treatment comes without any of these problems since it is a relatively easy method compared to the other termite treatments.

What is microwave termite treatment?

Microwave termite control is the best treatment for getting rid of dry wood termites. Drywood termites can cause extensive damage to your homes without being detected since they can survive without moist soil or water in the vicinity.

This is a site-specific method, and thus reliable detecting of the termite presence in a particular area is necessary before you start treating the place. Microwave technology is more efficient and less time-consuming when compared to other treatments, making it one of the most preferred choices for drywood termite treatment.

How does microwave termite treatment work?

Microwave termite treatment works with the same principle as a microwave oven. Excessive heat is applied in the suspected place of the termite colony in the hope of exterminating it. The professional needs to evaluate the termite damage and find the possible location of the colony so that the treatment can fully exterminate the entire populous straying from the worker termites to the queen termite and even the eggs.

Why microwave termite treatment?

We have been emphasizing from the start that microwave technology has a lot of advantages, and here we list some:

  • Simple and easy - With microwave termite control, the house residents need not move out till the treatment gets over, and it is safe for you to remain in your homes while the treatment takes place.
  • Clean and efficient - We fry out the termites with a strong bolt of electricity with the microwave treatment, thus saving your living space's environment and integrity.
  • No repairs needed - Microwave termite treatment is usually performed between walls or through the surface of the walls. Thus, unlike the liquid treatments, you do not have to drill many holes in the structure and consequently do not spend more on the repair.
Microwave termite treatment