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Termite Control Sunnyvale

Termites are every homeowner's worst nightmare. Unfortunately, it is very hard to recognize their presence until it is too late. This is because it can take between three to eight years from when the termites arrive for damage to the structure of the house to become visible. By the time their presence is discovered, it is usually too late and the structural integrity of the building has been compromised. Hi Tech Termite Control, the leading termite company in Sunnyvale, was set up over a decade ago to help with this issue. We have considerable experience with helping homeowners and businesses save costs and properties by solving their current termite problems and aiding them to prevent future infestation.

Termites are often mistaken for weird-looking ants, so most of the time these bugs are ignored and left to their own devices. These 'tiny' creatures are often overlooked but they can be responsible for considerable damage. This is because they live in swarms or colonies and a colony can have up to two million termites. If you spot just one termite, you can be sure that there are millions more chewing away on the wood that holds up your property, it is their food.

It's useful to know the less obvious signs of termite infestation so timely action can be taken. Apart from physically spotting one, other signs can be the presence of hollow mud tunnels which termites use for transport. Another indication is damaged or rotting wood. This is not always obvious, as wood can look undamaged on the outside while in fact termites have started eating the wood from inside out. To discover this, check for hollow walls. Termites usually dwell in dark, moist environments, so checking areas in the house/property that match this description, such as foundation walls and roof eaves, can help you spot them in time.

If you find any signs of infestation in your home, contact Hi Tech Termite Control immediately. We are known for providing Sunnyvale's most reliassble Termite Control services, with over a decade experience in helping homes and businesses become termite-free. Even if you're simply worried, call us now for your free home inspection to put your mind at ease. If we discover termites, our trained staff will present you with a no obligation price quote. It is no wonder we are considered Sunnyvale's leading Termite Company. For all Sunnyvale Termite Control needs, we are at your service.

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