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Do you know what is the single largest cause of destruction of property in the USA ? No, it’s not killer tornados or earthquakes. It’s termite infestation that causes untold damage every year, more so in California.

Sadly, the size of the damage prevents us from putting an estimate on it. The extent of destruction cannot be seen by the naked eye. Slowly but surely, the structure of your building and property is eaten into by termites and you may not discover the situation until it’s too late.

Professional Termite Inspectors

Fortunately, there are certain signs that will alert you to a termite attack. Dark colored droppings mainly around wooden structures, like window sills or base boards. Also, at a more serious level, dark mud tunnels are an indication that you should seek a remedy immediately.

Call HI TECH termite control services. We will evaluate the extent of damage and advise you on a suitable course of action. Your problems will be solved by our professionals who have a lot of expertise in this field.


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Why is the HI TECH Termite warranty the best in the business? Because, apart from covering the present with a three year full structure warranty, it also includes future infestations. Most companies don’t provide a warranty, but we have the confidence to guarantee it. Our coverage includes present infestations of all types of termites and wood–boring beetles in the same warranty. Any annual maintenance contract is transferable to the next occupants if you decide to sell….      
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Why HiTech Termite?

Did you know that a vicious termite attack, if neglected for too long, can weaken your structure and damage or destroy all things made of wood, like the doors and windows in your home? It’s not noticeable in the initial stages. That’s why a periodic inspection is always advisable. We at HI TECH offer you a free limited inspection of your premises and will give you a quote with no obligation on your part. We operate in the Bay Area and offer you professional services as leaders in this field….
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